KonRak Mime Festival

22-29 May 2016


“KonRakMime Festival 2016”(Mime lovers Festival 2016) is an international mime festival involves German, Japanese and Thai mime artists supported by the organizations from the artists’ origin countries and other partners. The activity aims to develop mime network and empower the artists to be able to produce the mime work. It’s also aims to promote art of mime through performances and open the workshop for the existing performers and those who are interested in.

The 50% of the net income from the project will be given to “Mime for Deaf Children” – a project which provides opportunity for deaf children in 22 deaf schools to attend mime workshops and doing the performances. It aims to empower deaf children, help them develop social skills, communication skills and supporting deaf mime actors.

The festival is expected to be held annually and will expand the number of the artists from different countries including global and Asean community to participate.

Link: KonRak Mime Festival


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