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Situated in Paris the Atelier de Belleville offers the student the possibility to study and acquire training in Corporal Dramatic Mime. Every year students from various backgrounds, with a desire to deepen their knowledge of physical theatre and to assimilate the essential basis of Etienne Decroux art of Corporal Mime, are received by the school.


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Monday : 9.30am - 12.30pm

Wednesday : 9.30am - 12.30pm

Friday : 9.30am - 12.30pm


The school offers training in Corporal Dramatic Mime according to the technique created and developed by Etienne Decroux. We offer the possibility to study the fundamental principles of this art, therefore introducing the student to Decroux analysis of movement and philosophical thinking.

Body and movement articulation at the service of dramatic expression

Work on rhythm and muscular comedy

Study of counterweights

Displacement of the body in space

Stylised walks (character walks)

Study of dynamic and stylised figures to make the participant aware of form and rhythm.

Classes on Decroux repertoire will be offered from the 2nd term. This study allows students to be confronted with solo and duo pieces, that helped create and develop this art.

Dealing with the essential aspects of human drama such as the conflict/struggle, work, romantic passion or the state of dream the pieces studied will give the student the opportunity to confront the demands of Corporal Dramatic Mime while continuously refining his interpretative qualities.

Throughout the school year improvisation and semi-improvisation themes in solo, duo group will be proposed. Improvisation themes will call on the creativity of the participants allowing them to be confronted with the demands of physical theatre.

To accompany the students along their path of creation and dramatic writing, the presentation of a piece along with a subject of studies will be proposed every

Professeurs & Intervenants:

Ivan Bacciocchi

Ivan Bacciocchi is trained as an actor at the Teatro Laboratorio di Cesena under the direction of Franco Mescolini. After arriving in Paris he joins “L'Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique” run by Etienne Decroux and becomes his student. Later he is invited to participate in research classes directed by the master, founder of the art of modern mime.

In 1985 he joins the school/company “Théâtre de l'Ange Fou” directed by Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum and becomes a teaching assistant. He also participates in several of their creations in which he is given the main roles.

For over ten years he is the teacher of Etienne Decroux technique at “L'Ecole Internationale de Mimo-drame Marcel Marceau” and directs “L'Atelier de Belleville”, a centre for education and creation, where he continues to assure daily classes in Corporal Dramatic Mime.

With his own company “Compagnie Commedia” he creates and directs different plays such as “Pierre et le Loup” Prokofiev, and “Barbe Bleue – Copie Conforme”. He also participates in the creation, as an actor/interpreter, in the last two plays of the “Theatre de Mouvement”, “Faut-il croire les mimes sur paroles?” and “Blanc” mise-en-scene Claire Heggen and Yves Marc.

Natalie Stadelmann

Member of the artistic group Houdini in Lucerne (Switzerland) which essentially uses short films and happenings as a mode of expression, Natalie has her first experiences with the theatre in the company of Claudio Bretini.

After a brief stay at the “Scuola Teatro Dimitri”, she comes to Paris to study at the “Ecole International de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau” where she receives a training over three years.

She creates different pieces and participates in the creation of plays performed by the “Compagnie Commedia” such as “Pierre et le Loup” and “Barbe-Bleue”. Since 2001 she teaches in different establishments in Paris and more recently she assists Ivan Bacciocchi in the educational programme at “L'Atelier de Belleville”, School of Corporal Dramatic Mime.

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