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Rick Wamer & Lorie Heald - Mime Theatre Artists Collaborating With Fellow Artists To Create And Preserve Works and Techniques of Contemporary Theatrical Mime Theatre based in the work of Gregg Goldston, C. Nicholas Johnson, Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux & Stefan Niedzielkowski...and our own modified innovations and eccentricities!


Theatrical Mime Theatre, Rick Wamer & Lorie Heald , Creative Partners, is dedicated to the development, documentation and performance of new works of international contemporary theatrical mime theatre created through collaborative creative processes. This development, documentation and performance of new works serves to preserve, educate to and expose all forms of international contemporary theatrical mime theatre and the techniques of its practitioners for the benefit of the general public and the practicing artists in the field.

Artistic Directors

With a combined fifty plus years of performing and directing Mime Theatre around the world, Rick Wamer and Lorie Heald share Artistic Direction for Theatrical Mime Theatre and the School for Mime Theatre at Kenyon College.  Dedicated to the continuation of the art of Mime and the development of its practitioners, together, they continue to create new works and share their artistry through their Tucson, Arizona and the summer School for Mime Theatre seasons.  2010 marks the 30th year of Mime at Kenyon College, the 7th Year for the Youth Seminar at Kenyon College, and their 7th Tucson home Season!

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