Trident School of Corporeal Mime


School for Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre

Trident introduces students to the vision of training the body towards physical theatre, based on Etienne Decroux's technique of corporeal mime.  

Using the body as the primary instrument of expression, we work on stretching, breathing, flexibility and body alignment. Trident surrounds this process of body conditioning with Decroux's extensive grammar of movement.  

This stunning precision of the complete expression of body and spirit can have a dramatic effect on the connection with the audience. The study of movement evolves into a renewed consciousness of the body, and allows the actor to access new depths of dramatic expression.


Under Renaat's inspiring leadership, Trident offers wide, creative and international experience in both teaching and performance.   Physical theatre and corporeal mime touch so many fields of artistic expression, and Trident values and wants to develop all those creative meeting points.  Renaat continues to partner with Dirk Hendrickx, with whom he has performed often.  Advanced students such as Cinzia Castignani and Carmen Cranna sometimes assist in teaching.  At the end of 2010, Carmen Cranna has moved back to her native Canada and is organizing a sister school of Trident in the greater Toronto area, 

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