Haruka Moriyama

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Haruka Moriyama
mime artist

Having a background in theater and dance, Haruka Moriyama was trained in Tokyo, Paris and New York, receiving the greatest influence by Gregg Goldston.

Besides performing, she taught mime and physical comedy in the U.S., Poland, Brunei and Philippines.

Most recently, she was a featured artist in Lincoln Center's “Meet the Artiest” Series for its seasons of Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. The trio show of Gregg Goldston, Haruka Moriyama and Mike Kramer, "The Art of Physical Comedy - The Funny Bones" became one of the most popular shows of its series.

In 2003, Haruka Moriyama and Kuni Mikami, jazz pianist, created a performing style called "iMimenation - mime and jazz piano" and toured their show in Japan, U.S., Australia, Philippines, Brunei, Nicaragua, Dominican Rep., Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

iMimenation - New York
mime and jazz piano

no words,
no props,
stories... of your own

iMimenation - New York

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