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In the course of his career Jyrki Karttunen has created much first-rate, powerfully expressive work, including his work as a dancer at the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company from 1989 to 1993, as a guest performer at the Finnish National Ballet and under the direction of many well-known choreographers, such as Carolyn Carlson, Palle Granhøj, Deborah Hay and Jorma Uotinen.

Karttunen began his choreographic work in 1995. That was the turning point at which in the words of the creator his creation leapt out of his hands. He himself considers his career as a choreographer to have really begun in 1998, when he completed the highly praised digital duende. Excellent feedback has also been given about Under (2001), Keiju (Fairy, 2002) and Human Imitations (2005).

Humoristic light-heartedness and contradicting it with darker colors is very typical of his works. Moreover, his movement language is surprising and original, fluent but form-oriented.

Karttunen is one of the founding members of Nomadi Productions. In the beginning of 2004, he was awarded a 5-year art grant by the Arts Council of Finland

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